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Nehring Family Vision Statement

The one who believes, gives & leads to glorify God.

Nehring Family Mission Statement

The Nehring family purposes to have an environment that…

…embraces Godly values for all generations by first knowing Christ as Lord and Savior.
…leads and challenges family members and others to fulfill God’s purpose for their life.
…seeks family unity and happiness to be a high priority.
…builds life long relationships of unconditional love.
…holds each other to high standards by developing self- discipline, accountability and defined leadership skills.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

In a flash...

Cup of coffee in hand, silence all around me, & I can't help but wonder what in the heck has just happened. It's Thursday morning, my littles are both at school & while my to do list isn't empty, there's no rush so let's rewind... There's a little girl at school today, 1st grade as a matter of fact who has totally transformed right before my eyes. Last night, she strolled into Konnect+ at church for the first time... Like a boss. No anxiety, no jitters, no shy stance, just my girl... 

I feel like the chapters in our life book flipped by at warp speed this summer. I look up & there she is, gorgeous. It's these crazy little things that catch me off guard. It's the way her lamp light glows on her face at night when she's snuggled in bed reading a chapter book. It's how she gets up from the dinner table to get whatever she needs instead of asking someone else. It's the simplicity of morning routine; she's become a pro at putting her hair in a ponytail... Wait, let's stop for a minute and relish in the thought that she actually wants her hair in a ponytail & can do it herself. Wow. It's clothing selection... Shorts, sure. Pants, sure mom. Tennis shoes, sure mom. Whatever... Chilly cow, when did that gets so easy? And lunch? We eat sandwiches now & magically like pretty much anything I cook. She reads & writes & draws all the time. Perfectly content in her own little world. It's the fact that she takes a shower all by herself & I don't have to worry about whether she squirts conditioner on top or actually works it into the ends of hair. I caught her in the shower, singing none the less, & rinsing her hair, gracefully running her fingers through her long brown hair & I was breathless. She's growing up... I mean really growing up. 

 I look at her & flashback to my childhood. My grandpa Hardin used to tell me, "It's your world, I'm just living in it."  

Brylee Faith, I couldn't be more proud of who you are. You are so thoughtful, articulate, caring, confident, faith filled & loving. You, my sweet girl, are God's princess. I love you to the moon & back. 

Love, Mom

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