Family Vision and Mission

Nehring Family Vision Statement

The one who believes, gives & leads to glorify God.

Nehring Family Mission Statement

The Nehring family purposes to have an environment that…

…embraces Godly values for all generations by first knowing Christ as Lord and Savior.
…leads and challenges family members and others to fulfill God’s purpose for their life.
…seeks family unity and happiness to be a high priority.
…builds life long relationships of unconditional love.
…holds each other to high standards by developing self- discipline, accountability and defined leadership skills.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

In a flash...

Cup of coffee in hand, silence all around me, & I can't help but wonder what in the heck has just happened. It's Thursday morning, my littles are both at school & while my to do list isn't empty, there's no rush so let's rewind... There's a little girl at school today, 1st grade as a matter of fact who has totally transformed right before my eyes. Last night, she strolled into Konnect+ at church for the first time... Like a boss. No anxiety, no jitters, no shy stance, just my girl... 

I feel like the chapters in our life book flipped by at warp speed this summer. I look up & there she is, gorgeous. It's these crazy little things that catch me off guard. It's the way her lamp light glows on her face at night when she's snuggled in bed reading a chapter book. It's how she gets up from the dinner table to get whatever she needs instead of asking someone else. It's the simplicity of morning routine; she's become a pro at putting her hair in a ponytail... Wait, let's stop for a minute and relish in the thought that she actually wants her hair in a ponytail & can do it herself. Wow. It's clothing selection... Shorts, sure. Pants, sure mom. Tennis shoes, sure mom. Whatever... Chilly cow, when did that gets so easy? And lunch? We eat sandwiches now & magically like pretty much anything I cook. She reads & writes & draws all the time. Perfectly content in her own little world. It's the fact that she takes a shower all by herself & I don't have to worry about whether she squirts conditioner on top or actually works it into the ends of hair. I caught her in the shower, singing none the less, & rinsing her hair, gracefully running her fingers through her long brown hair & I was breathless. She's growing up... I mean really growing up. 

 I look at her & flashback to my childhood. My grandpa Hardin used to tell me, "It's your world, I'm just living in it."  

Brylee Faith, I couldn't be more proud of who you are. You are so thoughtful, articulate, caring, confident, faith filled & loving. You, my sweet girl, are God's princess. I love you to the moon & back. 

Love, Mom

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Basking in the mommy glory...

It's just an ordinary afternoon. It's an ordinary Tuesday after Brock is out of school...we're waiting to get Bry off the bus. I'm prepping some decorations for his birthday party this weekend & he decides to join me. He grabs the cardstock, cuts a little, & then writes on it intently. He carefully gives his best to "write" his note.  

He tells me his note says, "I love Mom & Dad & Byee"

I can't explain the emotion that ran all over me! Where on Earth has the time gone... This baby boy of mine isn't a baby anymore. He really isn't. He's turning 4 in a few days & while I am absolutely loving this season of our life & the freedoms that growing up brings, I can't help but sigh at the thought we can't go backwards. 

Brock Asher, I love the way you love. I love that you're my snuggle bug. I love how you smash your face in your blankie still. I love how you ask us every night to snuggle with you in bed... & then you have to flip your pillow to the cold side, carefully lay one of your blankets over it & snuggle yourself in for the night. I love your silly smile & the ornery look in your eyes. I love how you come in my room every morning with the same request, "mom, can you get me some milk, watch cartoons & snuggle with me?" I love how you tell Brylee you'll miss her everyday before she leaves for school. 
You are my favorite little boy!!!

Love, Mom

Monday, March 24, 2014

Melt my heart Rocker Boy...

There's something super sweet about just hangin' out with this studly little boy of mine. I'm sitting here on the couch with him as I type. What a life...a good, good life. As we sit here, taking a break from playing & patiently waiting for sis to get home from school, I can't help but smile at my simple, joyful moments with Brock lately. Maybe it's because today is the first day in over a week that it's just been us... Spring Break is over so he's stuck with mom 3 days a week.

Today, we have snuggled... (Mommy's favorite)

We have painted masterpieces...

We have bounced & done "tricks" to show off...
Right after "tricks," you came running over, jumped in my lap, gave me the biggest hug & said words that melt my heart. "You're the best mom ever." 

I love everything about this sweet boy of mine. Like yesterday when you said, "I think I need to go to sleep mom." & 2 seconds later, you were out!

 I love the way you love your Papa. Papa's boy for sure!

I love how you look & act like your dad. If there's anyone I want you to grow up & be like, it's him.

I love our adventures...

Walking hand in hand...

Date nights are the best... YOU are going to be a chivalrous young man someday. You make me proud. This was our first official Mommy/Brocker date & we had dinner then a movie. Before we left the house, you grabbed your money & told me, "Mom, I'm gonna buy you a coke at the movie." Love you to the moon & back.

There's so much joy written all over this face... Video games before the movie starts!

Finally, The Lego Movie!!!

Brocker, you are the perfect little boy for us. I can't explain how amazing it is having you for a son. God has blessed us in unexplainable ways.



Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saying goodbye to 2013...

What a perfectly wonderful 2013... Saying goodbye to a year that included endless adventures, breathtaking moments, sentimental memories & the daily grind... Priceless really. This crazy perfect family of mine has really gotten into the groove when it comes to our organized chaos. We are pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. Brylee said goodbye to pre-k & hello to kindergarten this year & Brockers is still loving "school" at Faith UMC 2 days a week. Wait... Did I just say Bry is in kindergarten??? Goodness... How crazy is that? It seems impossible. 

I mean... Check her out! Little Miss...

& my Rocker Boy is nothing short of studly first day of school...

This year has really gotten away from me. As I stepped back into my office & have loved pursing business with Brent again, I can't help but feel like I slipped a little in my sentimental blogging. Here's to fixing that in 2014. While I didn't journal like my normal self, this year has been one of the greatest. It's cliche to say I'm sure, but it just seems to get better & better.  We settled into our wonderful house, grew friendships that are such a blessing & watched our kids become a best friends...most of the time. I'm going to attempt to recap this year with my favorite memories. 

In no particular order...

Roaring River... The start of our Nehring family continued tradition. Brent has been going to Roaring River with his family for years upon years! We packed up our bags & headed out for our first real family of 4 "trip" as Bry says, no one but us. She's dying to go on another trip. Our little home away from home was a quaint little cabin perfect for making memories. No schedule, no agenda, no to do list... Just us. A rusty little park swing next to our cabin was a real treasure during non-fishing hours. We fished... & fed fish, lots of fish. The hatchery was a was a hit. The know all, know how-to, perfect dad... He caught the fish & let them reel 'em in. But... We most definitely left with Brent's goal met... He caught a "lunker!" Picture put in the lodge lunker book & all! Such a fun little adventure we plan to continue once if not twice a year until they have families of their own!  


Bry & Brock, I only hope you can remember the trip. You two snuggled as you slept together. I have pictures to prove it. You giggled at each other as you played outside...finding and naming a little caterpillar, Shilah (obviously named by Brylee.) Technology was extremely limited so you only had each other... I loved it. I sat & watched... Joy overtaking me. 

But... What's a Nehring family adventure without a little chaos? There's a small scar on dad's knee that will forever be the mark of a selfless man. He was merely trying to save my flip flop. Walking on rocks through the stream, carrying Brock & off floats this chicks flip flop. I attempt to save's a long walk back to the car. My attempt was short. As the flip flop floats randomly in the water, I hand Brock to Brent & we carry on. My flop teases Brent & in a wonderful attempt to save it with Brock in tow & my camera around his shoulder as well, he slips & down he goes... He saved Brock & saved my camera but his knee had seen better days. He did get my flop in this process btw... My hero. 

Until next time Roaring River... Until next time.

The holidays came & went, quicker than I wish. But... There's lots of cute Nehring kid pics to document the memories! 

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Easter!

My 4th of July Fav:

Happy Halloween! Love my minions!

Thanksgiving was a blur... Saying "see you again someday" to Grandma J. We miss Nana everyday!

Merry Christmas!

This little family of mine. Overwhelming joy.


First fancy dessert... First girls night ;)

First bus ride on the first day of kindergarten.

First trip to Frontier City.

First love for sponge rollers.

First Build-A-Bear.

First real dance class! Love my ballerina. 

First lost tooth! Pulled out during dance class.

First pedicure with mom!

First camel ride.

First time driving the boat!

This Mom's FAVORITE pic from 2013:

Summer love... 

Here's to 2014... Another year full of laughter & love! & a few growing pains ;)

Love, Mom